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Swedish Massage
Deep Tissue Massage
Sports Massage
Relaxing Massage

Since 2002 our continuous research in the best massage techniques has enabled us to develop a style that can suit anyone. If you exercise, have an ailment or just want to relax you will benefit from our bespoke approach and advice.

Face Massage
Face Treatment

Revitalising Pure Face Massage
Pure Massage Face Therapy
We developed both of these treatments as an alternative to invasive and chemically laden treatments. Our 100% natural approach has received top marks from the international press.

Pregnancy Massage

All the different stages in pregnancy are taken care off in our massage. We have incorporated special techniques to give you maximum relaxation and enjoy your pregnancy all along. We only offer pre-natal massage after the first trimester of your pregnancy.


It is important to detox 3 or 4 times a year. It gives your body the chance to get it’s blueprint for health. Our massage does just that, but you will feel the benefits straight away.

The Pure Massage concept is based upon using different massage modalities like deep tissue massage, Trigger points, Swedish massage, myofascial release, quantum healing and energy work. We tailor each massage to your needs, adjusting the pressure to your request. The Pure Massage style combines Eastern and Western massage traditions, addressing the natural rhythms and self-healing abilities of the body.


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Our Expert Therapists

Well trained staff is key to have satisfied customers. 
We carefully select all our therapists through a lengthy process [some of them have a masters degree in physiotherapy] and receive our training from the Pure Massage Spa training Method® . this allows our therapists to offer consistency with a high standard service. 
We don’t stop there though as we believe that continuous education is a vital part for a therapist to develop.
All our massages are designed by Beata Aleksandrowicz founder of Pure Massage.

For treatments with  Beata click here or call 02032909070


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What people say about us: