About Us

PM opened in 2002 at a time when massage was still considered as pampering that you had as a one off treatment once in a while. 

Because we strongly believed in the healing properties of Touch and the benefits of massage we decided to specialise in massage and massage only. We knew that we had not only to educate people but offer a massage of the highest quality, taking care of every detail of the treatment.

To be able to offer this consistency we needed to train already qualified therapists to our standards and give them all the tools to achieve our goals and ethos. As every business we went through many breakdowns and breakthroughs. But our satisfaction of receiving repeatedly great feedback from the press and from our clients kept us going whatever the challenges we had to endure.

We can rightly say now that we become the ambassadors of massage, having written books, weekly columns , being regularly in the press and now opening a school that wants to set the standard of massage at a higher level.

Today we are proud to have an amazing and dedicated team of massage therapists, who represent our commitment to massage and value our ethos of continuous education.

Their goal is to help you feel your best not only in body, but also in your mind and soul.


Beata Aleksandrowicz

Co-founder of Pure Massage
Director of Pure Massage School

website link : beata.website

Beata is co-founder of Pure Massage and is responsible for research, development and training. She is also director of Pure Massage School. She has an outstanding career as a massage therapist that spans over the last 17 years with ongoing training and research in order to create the best possible massage. She has fine-tuned her teachings that enable the company to deliver high quality of standards and consistency through an intense training program admired by everyone. Acclaimed in the Sunday Times as one of the best in her field she is regularly consulted by journalists for advice collaborating with such titles like The Guardian or Psychologist. She has traveled extensively to Africa, working on her project Touch of Trust – how we communicate through touch. She is also a founder of the charity, supporting The Kalahari Bushmen from South Namibia. Having written 2 books on massage for Duncan Baird Publishers and a third one due to come out next year she had regular columns in The Sunday Telegraph.


Jean-Marc Delacourt

Founder of Pure Massage
Director of Pure Massage School

Jean-Marc is the owner and founder of Pure Massage. He is responsible for development and marketing. He is a firm believer in the benefits of massage and shares the opinion of Mark Liponis, the medical doctor at Canyon Ranch that it is important to stimulate our immune system to allow our natural killer cells to do their work and avoid diseases. From the start Pure Massage decided to be a leading example of massage therapy and how this approach could be taught in order to raise the standard in the industry. The basic, no frills approach of Pure Massage offers consistency and affordability that has allowed the company to become a recognised brand with clients worldwide.