Beata's  Spa Training Method® offers therapists massage techniques and communication tools to allow them to deliver the most effective treatment for each client with confidence, in addressing the client’s individual needs. It is a thorough and groundbreaking training in the most effective, injury free massage techniques, giving therapists an understanding of their role as an active adviser rather than passive provider.

Her method has been welcomed by the spa industry as a no nonsense approach, delivering precisely what is required to ensure a constituency in standards across the industry. You can also download our free e-book here.


Today 80% of treatments are massages. Clients have an increasing awareness and knowledge of the benefits and importance of massage.They expect spa's to respond to those demands with high quality treatments.

For the last 15 years we have been solely dedicated to research and training in massage, its techniques and benefits. 
We are experts in this field because massage is all we do, continuously developing and fine tuning
our unique education platform
Our thorough and unique approach in training the most effective massage techniques, gives the massage therapists an understanding of their role as a health practitioner and encourages them
to set new standards for themselves.

We teach massage therapists and beauty therapists injury free massage techniques, working on the different systems of the body. Because we designed our massages we have a unique way to teach them
which goes further than any traditional teaching methods, it allows each therapist to set new goals and reach new achievements, they never thought of. But the satisfaction and wellness felt by each client is paramount to us because we know it's a fulfilling experience they will never forget

what we provide

  • A complete menu for your massage offer

  • A curation and design service for Signature Treatments

  • A unique training method, including Injury Free Techniques for massage

  • Life coaching elements such as how to avoid burn out [a frequently encountered  problem among therapists]

  • Training in communication : how to communicate powerfully and build loyal customers.

  • Training in self development : how to stay engaged, committed and continuously develop a bank of knowledge 

  • Personal Development Plan for each therapist

  • Specific massage oils for your treatments

return on investment

  • Beata Aleksandrowicz  proof of training resulting in accrued sales and PR

  • less staff turnover, saving 5 to 10 times your investment

  • returning customers

  • increased social media 

  • positive testimonials

  • accrued sales in cross sales from short massages, 

what we guarantee

  • Injury free techniques and postural awareness in all our treatments.

  • Knowledge how to tailor made each treatment and how to give personalised advices

  • Therapists awareness of self care and self growth

  • Team approach and loyalty towards the work place

  • In depth understanding of the wellness philosophy

  • A team of therapists who are motivated, free from burnout and passionate about their profession


  • a team of therapists free from mental, physical and emotional burn out and injuries related to massage

  • full understanding of the wellness concept

  • maintaining engagement of the therapists in the vision of the spa and helping them to engage clients into this vision

  • providing high quality and consistency and personalisation of each treatment with post treatment wellness advices

  • offering a human experience for each client 

  • maintaining high standards and monitoring each therapist progression with a personal development plan

  • building a team of therapists who love what they do and want to share your ethical vision

  • therapists who will give the best of themselves

  • supporting the head therapist to effectively teach new therapists and monitor their  progress on an everyday basis

Beata Aleksandrowicz’s holistic approach to massage has elevated our touch therapies to a point of true excellence. Hotel guests, spa members and international journalists praise the standard of every massage we offer. 

Andrew Grahame, CEO Farncombe Estate