"The training has dramatically improved my massage skills. It helped me to realise the importance of posture, breathing, techniques and many other aspects.

I  realised that I can do massage without hurting my back or wrists what is very important in our job. 

I always knew my job was to help people to feel better and relaxed now I know that being more concentrated gives me possibility to do it even better."


"Doing  Back Pure Massage has been absolutely incredible. The massage techniques I have learned will be with me forever

The course helped me so much me to improve my techniques and using my body more mindfully! It makes all the difference! "


"The course has helped tremendously with my massage techniques to be more focused and meaningful."


"I feel 100% more confident in my massage techniques! I don't think I have ever learnt so many new techniques on a training course as I have with Pure Massage Spa Training Method®, it's been fantastic. I can't wait to start using them all on clients!"


"I have gained so much more knowledge in this area, knowing more flowing movements has really helped gained my confidence in massage." 



"It has taught me to adapt, tailor and create a more in depth effective treatment for the client with the knowledge and understanding that my client will return for regular massage as a course of treatments to health and wellness rather than a one off treatment and gives my current regular clients a new experience to offer.

My quality of work has improved dramatically."