“My massage techniques have improved so much I feel like a totally different therapist. Focusing on all of the 12 principles but especially my breathing, intention, posture and precision have really improved my massage techniques. I am much more confident to deliver a high quality treatment”


 “ I learned how to be effective, how to work deeper and how to be more precise which makes a huge difference to the client”


“ The techniques I have learnt throughout have been amazing, and my knowledge and skills have increased greatly overall giving me more confidence and enabling me to carry out much deeper massages”


“ My quality of work has improved more than I ever thought possible, and I cannot thank you enough! I have learned so much, from the precision of the movements to the intention and empathy of the treatment. All of the 12 principles I will religiously follow for the rest of my life, this has improved my work so much. I feel very proud. I put more meaning and care into the movements, which completely changes the treatment being given.”



“ I feel it made me a better person and importantly a better beauty therapist’

 I feel that now I have done this course every treatment I do will be carried out at a better quality”

“ It has given me a broader and wider range of skills and understanding of massage techniques that I was not aware of previously”

“  I feel much more confident and content while massaging. I feel proud of myself. I know why I'm doing each massage and how to do it effectively”



“ I would definitely recommend this massage course to every spa as I think the techniques are absolutely amazing and it’s a whole new level of high quality massage, and therapists benefit from it just as much as clients do.”