"My purpose of work gives me much more satisfaction."

"I learnt that my body is my 'working tool,' and that I should eat well, stretch, love myself and to have a good posture to help reduce any risk of injury."

"Before the course I was arriving to work and thinking, here it is, another busy and long day ahead. Now I realised how important is to take care of my mind and my thoughts. By the way, all the girls who did the course, have been smiling and floating at work since then!"

"The course it’s given me more focus with my mind before/during and after the treatment which will enable me to give the best treatments now! It's great!"


"I have learnt a lot about self-care, it's not an area I had ever really covered before. I find the stretches very helpful to help focus on my day."

"I learned from the  course to be calmer around clients and that the treatment starts already from the greeting the client."


" I already did a thorough consultation with my clients, but I learned that documenting the effects of the massage afterwards will make the clients feel that I care when they return and I can successfully carry on with their course of treatments. Also I learnt that to reiterate everything in the consultation leaves no room for errors and ensures the client I am listening and they are in good hands.


"When performing the treatment, before and after communication is one of the biggest things to look at. When doing Pure Massage Spa Training has made me realise how much more important it really is and how much communication really matters; to us and our clients."


"By communicating thoroughly at the start of the treatments and listening giving full attention to the client will definitely help the overall treatment too, as well as having those 12 principles in the treatment will help me communicate with the client also throughout the treatment. Then after the treatment asking how the client feels so important."

"The workshop has reminded me of why I am a massage therapist, sometimes it is easy to feel a little lost however having that empowering context can bring back the passion in a second. Mine is ‘to bring back any lost feelings of happiness to people’ ☺ By inspiring me to create (and renew as appropriate) an ‘empowering context’ for my day, will enable me to remain passionate and provide an authentic service."


"Realising my passion for the job has helped me a lot. I have realised that the purpose is to help the client not just with massaging them but also being able to make a different, mentally"


I now believe my work has a great purpose! I have gained knowledge on the psychological and physiological benefits that massage can have on people, the self-healing system and all about touch. “Nothing compares to the human touch”.

The course I believe it's given me more reason to work harder and make sure that the clients feel more love & a better sense of touch throughout the treatment & being able to feel a sense of feeling 100% complete which is something I feel many of us don't feel."