“I enjoyed the Masterclass so much, it taught me a lot about self-care  and how to protect myself from negative energy and keep the quality of my work for 100%” 

“Masterclass changed my approach with clients in everything from the welcome greeting to personalising my every treatment. I learned the power of touch and the importance of eye contact.”

“It increased my awareness of the purpose of work and what qualities I have to offer and how important it is to offer the best.”

“I learned how to be  mindful of my posture throughout treatment, using the bed to lean on to give deeper pressure in massage.”

“I learned how important is to listen what the clients want rather than assuming what they want, listening to my co-workers and listening what they also have to say.” 


“It helped me to create the purpose of my work which is : ’people feel happiness’ When I am having a rough morning, I like to say that to myself to remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing.”


“I learned more about why I took on my role and qualities needed to fulfil my role properly.”

“Very intense course but a meaningful one. Beata’s confidence and information is amazing. I could never learn enough. Course made ma grow in confidence and realise why I am in the job I am in.”

“Structure of the course went really well and flowed. The content of the course was fantastic!”

“I thought that all areas covered in the course were relevant massively in enhancing my skills and making me a better therapist as well as how to be better in my lifestyle and habits to be a better me.”

“As well as gaining knowledge I can adopt to working in the spa and receptions there were many elements that I can also use in my personal life with my partner, children and others.”