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Training for Therapists

It is crucial to have the right training platform if you want to have therapists fully engaged in your programs.

This is a new era, clients have higher expectations, better knowledge of themselves and what they can expect, and they want the best possible service and treatment. 

Training for Trainers

Many people regard Beata's Massage spa training method as the “Harvard” of massage training.

We want to share our knowledge, reputation and expertise, so that you can differentiate yourself from your peers and obtain better end results, achieve higher productivity, as no-one can afford the status quo anymore.

Signature Treatments

Today experiences need to have a provenance. May be it is time to adapt those treatments to a younger generation, adapt them to the latest research and bring your brand to a new level.

Beata Aleksandrowicz

Beata Aleksandrowicz is an expert on massage and healing. She is the creator of a unique Spa Training Method® which provides spas worldwide with advanced training in a modern concept of massage.

Ask Beata

Beata has launched a new interactive concept to support therapists, Spa Directors and Managers called ‘Ask Beata’.  As a powerful advocate on educating people about the importance of touch, massage and spiritual growth, she aims to share her knowledge with spa and wellness practitioners around the world.

“I am continuously inspired and amazed at how touch can be used as a powerful tool to help us relate to each other as human beings – the fact that we communicate through touch and finally, how we heal both emotionally and physically."
                                                                                      Beata Aleksandrowicz
Beata Aleksandrowicz’s holistic approach to massage has elevated our touch therapies to a point of true excellence. Hotel guests, spa members and international journalists praise the standard of every massage we offer. 

Andrew Grahame, CEO Farncombe Estate