Design & Curation

Today it is important not only to offer a great service, which means having well trained therapists, it is also important to sustain that quality over time. Consistency is key when it comes to develop a team that is fully engaged in your mission. 


Trainers are a key element in delivering that goal but they also have to receive continuous attention and be able to look at how they can improve their empowerment message. Ask us about our special programs for training trainers.

Our sole purpose is to elevate training in spas and share our platform about our innovative and thorough approach in this field. The traditional educational platforms are not necessarily adequate anymore - we have been at the forefront of training massage in spas introducing life coaching, personal development, art, communication. 

This is the time to create trust value for your clients, your team and your stakeholders.


We design specific treatments for your spa or product according to your requests. Our general approach for creating a signature treatment is as follow :

  • gaining comprehensive knowledge of all products included in the treatment, their purpose, benefits, ingredients and story

  • gaining a full understanding of the desired wellness and beauty goal behind every treatment

  • design of the treatment

  • creating the protocols

  • creating the treatment manual

  • supporting marketing and promotion of the treatment


Regular revisions are essential to maintain a high standard of service, to fine tune the professional approach and to guarantee the goals set up from the beginning. It allows to help the therapists on their way to grow, avoid routine and offer consistency throughout the team.

Each revision is tailor made to the needs of the team and based on the prior visit and communication between teacher and Spa Manager. Each time Beata is bringing new material that allow therapists to continuously develop their understanding of the human body, human behaviours and their own self awareness. We offer two revisions annually.