design / training / curation

for spas or product houses

You know the purpose of your brand. You have developed the best possible products and the market supports your business model. You have achieved your targets, all within a very competitive market. But have you veered away from your purpose ? 

Trainers don’t necessarily use the ideal teaching platform. Only 15% of success is derived from technical knowledge like protocols. The rest comes from emotional knowledge. 

Are your trainers prepared for this ?

What about the design of your treatments? Today experiences need to have a provenance. May be it is time to adapt those treatments to a younger generation, adapt them to the latest research and bring your brand to a new level.


In a market where disruption is the norm, there is always room for improvement. After all the strength of a brand is about consistency. Each detail needs to be taken care off, and consistency builds trust, and trust builds a business.  

Your customers will love that you care so much for them.


We  have packed our 20 years of knowledge into a special course for trainers. Giving our blueprint for delivering treatments consistently, together with our tools to deliver that knowledge in a clear and simple way. However it is also our experience of how to deliver training and how to achieve results in training that makes our expertise unique.

the knowledge - training for trainers

This 3 day intensive course responds to all concerns related to mental physical and emotional self care, postural awareness, effective communication, consistency in massage, prevention of burn out and injuries, especially RSI. 

It also answers fundamental questions a trainer might encounter on a daily basis. It starts from how to set up the knowledge, how to transmit this knowledge and how to test how much of this knowledge has been understood.

To achieve this we introduce essential tools of self care, communication and teaching, allowing every individual to shine in its own right, while making the group a strong entity to rely on when someone needs help.

It is packed with tools for training big or small groups, while the course is also flexible to incorporate specific questions and solutions.


What is in the package :


  • 3 days interactive training offering essential tools to deliver exceptional training

  • the course is tailored to the needs of the group

  • Personal Development Plan for each trainer ( as we can all progress in our day to day work)

  • Wellness Guidance and Certification

design / curation of signature treatments

More and more clients travel to discover new experiences (appreciated on Instagram), who gives them a sense of belonging and self awareness. All those elements need to be taken into account when designing a treatment. But not only this. There is also a sense of provenance, of using uniqueness attached to a place. It is important to resonate with all the elements that a location or product has to offer.

We have achieved some great results for example with Underwater spa or with a synchronised massage for 2 therapists. We worked with J.S.Bach music to achieve perfect synchronicity as the importance of being ‘in tune’ was fundamental.

Those achievements can only be reached through flexibility, emotional intelligence and immersion with the elements. It is always a challenge but the rewards have always uplifted and clients and therapists.

We design specific treatments for your products according to your requests. 


What is in the package :


Our general approach for creating a signature treatment is as follow :

  • gaining comprehensive knowledge of all products included in the treatment, their purpose, benefits, ingredients and story

  • gaining a full understanding of the desired wellness and beauty goal behind every treatment

  • design of the treatment

  • creating the protocols

  • creating the treatment manual

  • supporting marketing and promotion of the treatment

training of the signature treatment

Once the treatment is designed it needs to have an adequate platform to transmit that knowledge and wisdom that has been assembled. Our expertise in this field is fundamental as it is based on developing treatments for several years for ourselves and others and by judging different treatments all over the world.

What is in the package :


  • 3 days  training in the content of the designed treatment including techniques, the purpose, the results

  • essential tools how to deliver training to others in most effective way 

  • manual for each trainer

  • Wellness Guidance and Certification