training for trainers

customised options

Today it is important to change the existing training model, for the simple reason that old education platforms belong to the past. This is a new era, as clients have higher expectations, better knowledge of themselves and what they can expect, and they want the best possible service and treatment. 

But we believe that also therapists are eager to learn more and acquire faster the expertise they desperately need to respond to those demands.


We have approached training from a totally new perspective and packed our 20 years of knowledge into a special course for trainers. Giving our blueprint for delivering optimum massages consistently, together with our tools to deliver that knowledge in a clear and effective way. 

However it is also our experience of how to deliver training and how to achieve results in training that makes this course unique. As a trainer you want to transform and engage therapists to be able to reach the customer and bring him/her to new levels of self awareness.


Many people regard Beata's training as the “Harvard” of massage training.  We want to share our knowledge, reputation and expertise, so that you can differentiate yourself from your peers and obtain better end results, achieve higher productivity as no-one can afford the status quo anymore.


Partner with us to make a real difference in this industry,  as we offer you the possibility to re-invent your treatments, protocols, manuals and training platforms so that you can be ahead of the curve, giving you a real competitive advantage.